Lighthouse Integration to Facebook Messenger


Lighthouse enhances every interaction by empowering personnel with real-time access to accurate and consistent knowledge. Organizations quickly create and modify knowledge articles for different groups of employees and customers.

Dynamic conversation scripts created in Lighthouse’s intuitive Scenario Wizard enable step-by-step guides, troubleshooting scenarios, and decision trees to be created with no programming or coding skills. The decision options are defined to determine the flow, providing an option for the user to click or move forward based on the selection.


Lighthouse’s integration with Facebook Messenger connects the Scenario, decision guides with the Messenger conversation window:

  • Simple dynamic flow – customers begin typing in the Messenger window which will search for a matching Scenario in the Lighthouse repository

  • Conversational – the flow of a Scenario will be shown step-by-step, pausing at decisions or questions for the customer’s response. Once the customer answers, the next steps will be displayed.

  • The non-technical content team will be able to create conversation flows within Facebook Messenger without using any coding or programming skills.

  • Full authorization mechanism to control which Scenarios are available for self-service and which are purely internal

  • Analytics provide insight into which flows are most popular to understand key challenges and focuses for new content


Lighthouse’s integration to Facebook Messenger enables organizations to harness the power of the single knowledge repository internally and directly for customer self-service. Organizations only create and manage information one time, eliminating duplicated content and workloads and ensuring a consistent, accurate message is being provided in every channel.






Deliver Consistent Messages

Provide the same answer to customers across all channels



Simplify Processes

Enable all knowledge for agents, distributed workforce, employees and customers to be managed in a single platform with no programming required



Enhance Customer Experience

Automated responses with immediate access to defined processes from the centralized knowledge repository



Reduce Costs

By providing a powerful customer experience online reduce the number of costly inbound contact center interactions