Lighthouse Integration to LivePerson’s LiveEngage


Agents using LiveEngage have a great tool to manage communications directly with customers via all channels. Agents may need information to answer customer questions and in many cases have to navigate to internal systems to find the relevant answer.

Lighthouse’s native integration with LiveEngage ensures agents have simple access to the Lighthouse knowledge repository directly from within the LiveEngage platform. This enhances every interaction by empowering agents with real-time access to accurate and consistent knowledge. As information changes this will instantly be reflected for all agents.


  • Customer interacts with organization

  • Agent opens the LiveEngage system to communicate with the customer

  • Customer questions are automatically searched in the Lighthouse repository to look for an instant answer which may than be shared directly to the customer following the agent’s approval maintaining integrity throughout the process.


This additional layer of knowledge enhances LiveEngage and the capabilities of agents to answer the full range of questions consistently and accurately.


Lighthouse’s integration to LiveEngage enables organizations to harness the power of the single knowledge repository for all agent interactions. Organizations only create and manage information one time, eliminating duplicated content and workloads and ensuring a consistent, accurate message is being provided in every channel at lightning speed.






Deliver Consistent Messages

Provide the same answer to customers across all channels



Simplify Processes

Enable all knowledge for agents, distributed workforce, employees and customers to be managed in a single platform with no programming required



Enhance Customer Experience

Reduce time to knowledge with a native integration to answers and processes from the centralized knowledge repository within LiveEngage



Reduce Costs

By providing a powerful customer experience online with LiveEngage, reducing the number of costly inbound contact center interactions



Patent Pending Technology

Lighthouse’s AskDon’t Search Widget enables searching with natural language to find instant answers through our patent pending technology, dramatically reducing time to knowledge